Our Partners

Funding Partners

We couldn't do the work we do without our amazing funding partners, so we offer each and every one of them a big thank you from the team and our young people!

Dundee Youth Fund

The Hunter Foundation


Feeling Strong does not provide listening/talking therapies or individual advocacy work, however we strongly appreciate the importance of these kind of activities in creating a robust support network for young people with mental health conditions. We work with the following local partners, and our young people/parents, to help raise awareness of the strong safety net available in Dundee.

Cool 2 talk

1 to 1

Alternatives Youth

Membership Partners

We are members of these organisations to access support, be part of the active third-sector community and further our ability to have impact in our community.



Volunteer Dundee

Regulatory Partners

We work with these organisations to ensure that Feeling Strong is compliant with Charity Law and other relevant legislation.