volunteer Learning Placement

Volunteer Learning Placement

Feeling Strong’s Learning Placement is designed for those with an interest in mental health and helping vulnerable young people reach their full potential. This post is designed to give you work experience to develop skills for your future career goals and knowledge of the foundations of Mental Health & Wellbeing. During the placement you can complete two SQA recognised qualifications and work with Feeling Strong in one of two different capacities, on either an operations or services basis.

Operations Learning Placement

The Operations Learning Placement will involve helping with the day-to-day running of Feeling Strong. This could include creating resources for our website or working with partner organisations and different stakeholders to help reach those who need it most. The operations learning placement is ideal for those who want to contribute to Feeling Strong’s behind the scenes work and can include administrative tasks.

Services Learning Placement

The Project Learning Placement will involve working on a specific project within Feeling Strong’s framework. An example of this includes our Peer Coaching & Listening Service, planning and assisting with fundraising, and could also include projects delivered under any of Feeling Strong’s work streams. These are Learning & Skills, Recovery & Support, Research & Content, Community & Outreach and Campaigns & Advocacy.

Please email cameron.aitken@feelingstrong.co.uk for more information.

Please note: Our Volunteering Opportunities are for young people up to the age of 26, but anyone can still get involved to help Feeling Strong! If you're not able to volunteer but would still like to contribute then drop us an email at contact@feelingstrong.co.uk

Due to the overwhelming demand for volunteering positions we are not able to provide a place for every applicant. We now operate a two stage application process, including an interview and cover letter. We also ask that all of our volunteers follow our volunteer agreement, you will be expected to act in line with the principles and values of the organisation and ensure you are communicating and volunteering regularly with Feeling Strong.

If you would still like to volunteer then please fill out the interest form below.