Young Person's Guide to Feeling Strong

The Project

The Young Person's Guide to Feeling Strong will be a new, innovative mental health resource for young people in Dundee. We hope the Guide will empower youth to open up and seek support with their mental health, as well as be an advocate for their peers. We want young people to be involved with the design process every step of the way, working together to create something that truly reflects their needs. The Guide will be available via our interactive website, as well as physical booklets that will be distributed across Dundee. We are also developing an exciting mobile app in partnership with Abertay University.

The Guide aims to offer an alternative to resources which our young people have described as 'cold and clinical' by highlighting a positive, person-centred and recovery-focused approach to youth mental health. We believe giving young people the tools and knowledge they need will help them fight stigma and ultimately empower them to better understand the mental health of themselves and their peers. Throughout May 2019, our Design Workshops gave Dundee's young people the opportunity to lead the design process and share their ideas.


The Guide will be designed by young people, for young people - with interactive design sessions and activities facilitated by Feeling Strong. The evidence gathered in these design sessions will form the basis of the Guide.

The Guide will encourage conversations about mental health, how to talk about issues in a sensitive way and what to do when someone you care about tells you they are experiencing mental health challenges.

The Guide will signpost young people in the direction of local support, creating an accessible directory of local services and resources. We want young people to know what to do when they need vital support.

This project was made possible by The Hunter Foundation and National Lottery Awards for All