About us

Who we are, and why we do it

Feeling Strong is an exciting Dundee-based charity with the ambition to improve the lives of young people living with mental health and wellbeing challenges by fostering the skills, confidence and aspirations they need to flourish. We believe strongly that our services should be designed by young people, delivered by young people for the benefit of young people. We want to use skills development, mentoring and confidence building to promote positive outcomes for young people, tackling the disparity they face in unemployment, underemployment and accessing opportunities like further and higher education.

We were founded in April 2018, and since have been joined by a dedicated team of experienced Trustees and enthusiastic Volunteers whom you can read about here.

Our current projects and services can be found here.

how do we deliver?

We have three values that underpin our approach to helping our young people;

Leadership: Our Young People must be leading decisions that affect them

Empathy: Our Young People can achieve incredible things when properly supported

Inclusivity: Our Young People need a robust safety net to ensure no one is left behind

Our Current 2023-2026 Strategy:

Our vision is to create a Dundee filled with connections and a strong safety net for young people who all too often slip through the cracks. The environment in which we operate is far from perfect, so it’s up to us to use our influence and leverage as the authentic voice of young people in Dundee to challenge when needed and support where appropriate.

Our 2020-2023 strategy:

We have three beliefs that underpin our approach to helping our young people;

Feeling Strong - 23-26 Strategy (2).pdf

our most recent impact report: