Meet the Team

Our Operations team:

Chief executive - Brook Marshall

Brook is the lead member of the Operations Team, with overall day-to-day responsibility for Feeling Strong. Their previous roles in the third sector, campaign delivery, management and their lived experience of mental health led Brook to set up Feeling Strong in 2018, and has since been joined by a dedicated team of staff, trustees and volunteers. Along with a Trusteeship on the board of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Brook also runs a start-up/scale-up third-sector management consultancy social enterprise to support young entrepreneurs, the profits of which go to Feeling Strong.

Services & impact Manager - Robbie Matthews

Having worked with Feeling Strong over the past 2 years in various roles Robbie believes in the difference and change that can be made to young people’s mental health with the correct support. In his new role as the Community & Outreach Coordinator Robbie will be expanding the delivery of resources within the local community focusing on creating a holistic support network for young people. Robbie will also be developing a series of training for the local community to ensure young people are supported at all instances.

recovery & support coordinator - conor Mcconville

Conor is a recent graduate of contemporary art and has worked with art based recovery projects for the past two years. He has a background in painting, photography and filmmaking. He finds the therapeutic benefits of art incredible inspiring both in his personal work and the work of others. He believes art can help a person unpack their emotions and help form strong foundations in their own recovery.

community & OUTREACH lead - abs cassidy

Abs is a music student and youth worker in Aberdeen, originally from Dundee. She created a mental health awareness campaign alongside three other members of the pupil council while still at school, which has become part of the larger-scale project 'Breathe', delivered by Feeling Strong. She's passionate about making music more accessible, which is something she hopes to achieve with the help of Feeling Strong in the future.

Campaigns & Advocacy assistant - rachael ryan

Rachael is a Sociology graduate from Abertay. She has volunteered with Lochee Community Café working with vulnerable people. She is passionate about advocating for those in need. By joining Feeling Strong she hopes to be able to make a positive impact towards mental health in Dundee.


Cameron was first made aware of Feeling Strong during his time at Abertay University, where he graduated in 2019 with a degree in Psychology and Biology. He has since worked within the Third Sector as part of One Million Me, an organisation providing mentoring to young people across England. Cameron is driven in supporting young people and has always had an interest in helping those who needs it, and hopes that his addition to the team will help reinforce Feeling Strong's ambitions and goals.


Kieran is a recent Sociology graduate from Abertay University. His degree involved a placement as senior volunteer and lead facilitator for Feeling Strong’s School Champions project. The experience and skills acquired in said placement prompted Kieran to continue with Feeling Strong, taking on the role of Peer Coaching Assistant, through which he hopes to continue supporting and resonating with young people across Dundee.


Ross is a University of Dundee graduate, having studied Psychology. Working as a Community Hub volunteer, and with Hot Chocolate Trust as a youth work volunteer, the natural next step was for him to start working as a Peer Coaching Assistant, where he hopes to provide important and relevant support to the Young People of Dundee!


Errin started as a volunteer with Feeling Strong in March 2019 and is currently studying community education at the University of Dundee. Errin has been passionate about promoting positive mental health and wellbeing awareness since she realised there was a gap in Dundee’s mental health services and believes that with her position as a peer coaching assistant with Feeling Strong, she can make a long-lasting, positive impact on the Dundee community.


Feeling Strong is governed by a 9-member Trustee board who meet 6 times a year to oversee the work of the organisation, develop our strategy and ensure that we are compliant with the relevant legislation and regulations. The board also support the lead member of the Operations Team (our Chief Executive Officer) in carrying out the work of the charity.

A copy of our governing document is available upon request, just email

Co-chair - Kevin Ditcham

Kevin is a community learning and development practitioner, and holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Dundee in the field. He currently works as a project lead for The Democratic Society on citizen engagement and participation projects around the UK. Previously, he has also managed Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018 with Young Scot and worked in health improvement with Terrence Higgins Trust. Kevin loves the third sector and recognised the vital role it plays in improving people’s lives. He is a qualified suicide prevention trainer and also enjoys volunteering for Police Scotland Youth Volunteers and being a Registration Committee Member for the CLD Standards Council for Scotland.

Co-chair - abbie wilson

Abbie is an experienced Trustee who is devoted to encouraging young people to be agents of change at local and national levels. She began her volunteering journey with Young Scot as a Youth Commissioner on Smoking Prevention and delivered a wide-ranging report on their findings to the Scottish Government. This experience ignited a passion for youth advocacy and putting young people at the heart of service design, particularly around health services. She has been on the Young Scot board since 2016 and is currently one of their Vice Chairs. She is currently a Medical Student at the University of Dundee, with an interest in healthcare and wellbeing for children and young people.

trustee - jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan has spent the last 7 years as a professional fundraiser working for charities across the UK and is currently working with Alzheimer Scotland as their Lead Locality Fundraiser. He has a special interest in events and holds a BA (Hons) in Events Management. Jonathan is passionate about fundraising and is keen to bring his expertise to Feeling Strong.

TRUSTEE - Angus Brodie

Angus is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Abertay in Dundee. He has an MRes in Business and Management, and is currently teaching in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship. He is also a member of Entrepreneurial Scotland, an organisation that aims to inspire and develop young people and make Scotland one of the most entrepreneurial societies in the world. A Dundee native, Angus is concerned about supporting young people by improving mental health support in the local area.

TRUSTEE - Craig reoch

Craig is a graduate of BSc (Hons) Anatomical Sciences from the University of Dundee and has worked primarily with students and young people for a number of years in the Higher Education sector. Founder of the University’s SWITCH programme, he is particularly interested in the ideas of marrying up the concepts of wellbeing and employability - experiencing first hand the benefits of linking these two areas. With key experience in fundraising and event management, Craig is particularly interested in helping young people expand their horizons and empowering them to recognise their potential.

TRUSTEE - carlene cura

Carlene has worked in both community engagement and in the further education sector, more recently working for a local charity delivering STEM provision across the city. From her work with a diverse range of people she is passionate about supporting people to find the very thing that makes them shine, help build their skills and increase inclusivity. Having worked more recently in supporting young people in their growth and development and the barriers they may face, she has found a drive to make more of her experience in order to impact young people and their lives.


Joely is a trainee Cognitive Behaviour Therapist working at the University of St Andrews within the Student Services team. She is a graduate of the University of Dundee, where she was a sabbatical officer and trustee focusing on wellbeing and mental health campaigns. She is passionate about supporting young people thrive and to meet their full potential in any environment.

TRUSTEE - Gabriel calvert

Gabriel currently works as a project coordinator for Making Dundee Home, supporting vulnerable adults across the city. He has an MA in International Relations and Politics from the University of Dundee and is involved with a number of other third sector organisations such as Amnesty International. He is keen to bring this experience to Feeling Strong and hopes to see real change in the lives of young people and in the support that is available to them.

TRUSTEE - hannah paterson

Hannah has a Scots and English Dual-Qualifying Law Degree and has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. She first saw the positive impact of the Third sector when volunteering for the Wave Project and teaching surfing to young people. She then spent a year working for the Isolation Welfare Follow-up Team for the NHS Test and Trace Programme where she addressed patient’s mental health and welfare concerns, providing them with guidance and pathways for support. Hannah has seen first-hand the importance of reaching out and offering support to those who need it. In these roles, she has experienced the frustration of many young people who want to see a change but are unsure how to make it happen. She is determined to use her experience and legal background to assist Feeling Strong in making sure that young people are given a platform to express their concerns and become leaders of change within the community.