Join our Volunteers!

Here at Feeling Strong we have a number of Volunteering roles available, from working with young people to supporting fundraising - we'll help you pick a role which matches your confidence and skill set. We would also encourage people to apply if they are young people and/or have lived experience of mental health challenges.

In some ways we believe that our volunteers are just as much our service users as the young people we work with due to the inherent therapeutic benefits of volunteering! Below you can read about our Volunteering Principles - Support, Commitment and Opportunity. We feel that having a value-centred and volunteer-led approach is the right way to get the best out of our volunteers, and we’re just here to support you to do exactly that.

Make a difference, gain confidence, build skills and meet new people: what's not to love? 👀 Read the role description or email us for more information.

If you would like to take your volunteering to the next level in a more challenging role, please click here for more information on our Volunteer Learning Placement scheme.


We believe that a support-first environment (as opposed to traditional line management) allows our volunteers to really shine and empowers them in their roles.


We ask that our volunteers demonstrate commitment, so that we can work together in a way that supports the best interests of the Young People we all want to help.


We believe in creating development opportunities for our volunteers, and enabling them to develop their own projects and opportunities within Feeling Strong.

Please note: Our Volunteering Opportunities are for young people up to the age of 26, but anyone can still get involved to help Feeling Strong! If you're not able to volunteer but would still like to contribute then drop us an email at contact@feelingstrong.co.uk

Due to the overwhelming demand for volunteering positions we are not able to provide a place for every applicant. We now operate a two stage application process, including an interview and cover letter. We also ask that all of our volunteers follow our volunteer agreement, you will be expected to act in line with the principles and values of the organisation and ensure you are communicating and volunteering regularly with Feeling Strong.

If you would still like to volunteer then please fill out the interest form below.