Get Involved!

here are some ways you can get involved with feeling strong!

Here at Feeling Strong we have a number of Volunteering roles available, from working with young people to supporting fundraising - we'll help you pick a role which matches your confidence and skill set. We would also encourage people to apply if they are young people and/or have lived experience of mental health challenges.

In some ways we believe that our volunteers are just as much our service users as the young people we work with due to the inherent therapeutic benefits of volunteering! Below you can read about our Volunteering Principles - Support, Commitment and Opportunity. We feel that having a value-centred and volunteer-led approach is the right way to get the best out of our volunteers, and we’re just here to support you to do exactly that.

Why would you want to be a member?

  • It's free!

  • You'll have a meaningful voice in how Feeling Strong is run

  • Be part of a like minded community of people

  • You'll be the first to have the opportunity to take part in Feeling Strong's projects, campaigns and activities

  • Access to free mental health training

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We are so grateful for all of our supporters in the community who have kindly fundraised for us, could you be one of them?

Anyone who raises more than £250 has earned a special, limited edition 'I raised money for Feeling Strong and I got was this lousy t-shirt!' top!