every pound you donate will keep a seaguLl off the streets! 💜💪

Adopting one of our seagulls will give a huge boost to our work, and allow us to keep the seagulls and young people happy, healthy and full of chips.

When you choose to adopt one of our seagulls you'll get a digital welcome pack, certificate and regular updates on your seagull's shenanigans - you can even get a limited edition t-shirt! We hope that you choose to help some of our seagulls for the benefit of Dundee's young people.

EACH seagull according to their need - how much will it cost to adopt a seagull?

Eryn's story (£3 a month)


  • 23 in seagull years

  • Likes chips with vegan perinaise

  • Works as a peer listener

  • Needs donations for games

"Sup, I'm Eryn and my favourite thing to do is work in Feeling Strong's hub with the young people. Chips are my second biggest passion in life, and if I'm being honest I can often be found in the city square trying to pinch chips off of passers-by. Donate to me and I'll ensure our young people get excellent standards of service and chips!"

Grey's story (£5 a month)


  • 17 in seagull years

  • Likes chips with BBQ sauce

  • Hoping to go to Tayside University

  • Needs donations for coffee & books

"Hey all, I'm Gray - ever since I can remember I've wanted to study Bird Law so I can stand up for all of the little birds and chicks who can't stand up for themselves. Your donation will help me to get my degree and do important work lobbying on behalf of young people and birds everywhere to improve mental health services!"

Tony's story (£10 a month)


  • 25 in seagull Years

  • Likes chips with hot sauce

  • Studies at the 'University of Life'

  • Needs donations for leather jackets

"Yo, my name's Tony and I'm the coolest seagull out. Pigeons are scared of me because my skateboarding skills make them jealous. The only thing cooler than me is hot sauce and spray paints. If you donate to me I'll make sure your donations only go towards the gnarliest of projects and services for young folk."

If you raised it, flaunt it!

If you adopt Tony let us know and you can earn a special, limited edition 'I raised money for Feeling Strong and I got was this lousy t-shirt!' top! To claim yours just get in touch with us after your donation has been made and we'll get one printed up for you.

We'd also love to share your seagull story on social media, get in touch with us or tag us on Facebook, Insta or Twitter at @FeelingStrongUK