Making Waves

Making Waves was Feeling Strong’s latest art project that took 15 young people to the Scottish coasts and water landscapes in order to create artwork in response.

Supported by NatureScot through the Plunge In! The Coasts and Waters Community Fund,the project consisted of 6 trips and 9 art sessions including a trip to the V&A! All the trips managed to go ahead and were enjoyed by all in attendance with many of the young people visiting new places they had not heard of before. We were fortunate that the weather was pleasant, on the most part, with even blue skies on our trips to Stonehaven and Callander. The young people stated they felt calmer being out of Dundee with many of them enjoying the quieter locations in particular Loch Lee which is deep in the Scottish countryside.

The purpose of the project was to highlight the positive impacts both water landscapes and art can have on our mental health and wellbeing, in turn deepening our understanding of why we must protect our “blue landscapes”.

It was crucial to Feeling Strong that we empower all who took part in making their own creative decisions in turn paving their artistic journey. During the art sessions there was a wide breadth of creativity in ideas and mediums that the young people chose to create their final works. These range from snake sculptures inspired by the sea, stone paintings of the coasts and a surreal painting of a man with a waterfall for a face.

By keeping the project open to interpretation it has allowed the participants to go beyond what they’ve literally experienced and illustrate a deeper understanding of the places we’ve visited. The young people themselves have been very friendly and supportive of each other in both the art making and personal life matters.

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Making Waves Final Video.mp4

This project is supported by NatureScot, through the Plunge In! The Coasts and Waters Community Fund