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Making the voices of young people heard

We believe that young people with mental health and wellbeing challenges are the ones who are best placed to lead the changes they want to see in their community. We support this by supporting them to create challenging and public-facing campaigns about mental health. 

We believe that resources that support young people with mental health and wellbeing challenges should be created by them. That is why we research and develop a range of resources that support the positive recovery of our young people while working closely together with the Dundee youth.


The Young Person's Guide 

The updated Young Person’s Guide to Feeling Strong is a mental health self-help resource designed specifically for young people aged 13-26. Contains general mental health information, signposting to other services in Dundee and a number of self-help tips. 

The Kid's Guide

The Kid’s Guide to Feeling Strong was created to help children aged 8-12 after we realised that there was a gap in resources for the younger demographic of Dundee. Similar to the Young Person’s Guide, it was designed to give children a tool to help themselves and start their journey towards recovery. 

The GUardian's guide

The Guardian’s Guide to Feeling Strong was specifically designed to help guardians support their children with mental health challenges. It has helpful tips for guardians about how to talk to their children about mental health, general information and much more.


Ever wondered how to help a peer struggling with mental health? Look no further, our newest guide covers everything a young person needs to know about supporting their peers. You can find the online guide here with physical copies being available in our hub.

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