Game Jam 2023

In November 2023, we hosted our 2nd Game Jam in partnership with Dundee Uni Museums, focusing on Eco Anxiety. Using objects from the Zoology Museum, the participants created games inspired by some of the most endangered animals in Scotland.

Special thanks to Neon Digital Arts for contributing to the prizes and Biome Collective for judging!

Below, you can see information on both winning  games from the jam!

The Games


Tailsmuir is a game about a red squirrel who helps rewild the forest of Tailsmuir by planting a tree, with the guidance of the Puffin of Eco-Confidence.

To download the game, head to the Tailsmuir page and download the zip file that corresponds to your system (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Once the zip file has finished downloading, open the zip file and you will find a folder inside. Then, open the file within that folder, which will either be called Tailsmuir or Tailsmuir.exe depending on your system.


Horse of the Forest

You are the capercaillie. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, escape civilisation and consume the conifer tree.  Run, eat, and avoid obstacles and predators to reach the fables tree of your destiny.

Quote from Designer:

"We focused on the capercaillie, using the fact sheet to work out its life cycle and the key impacts and dangers to these birds, such as those that led them to enter the endangered species 'Red List' for a second time after they were reintroduced to Scotland in the 19th century.

Using natural predators like foxes, alongside man-made hazards to these birds' survival, such as wind turbines and deer fencing as obstacles, we hoped to create an endless runner with evolution at a set score. Allowing the player to empathise with these beautiful wee birds while learning about the dangers they face."