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Designed by young people, for young people

Our aim for projects run under the category of Research & Content is the creation of resources that reflect the needs of young people in Dundee. We believe that resources that support young people with mental health and wellbeing challenges should be created by them. That is why we research and develop a range of resources that support the positive recovery of our young people while working closely together with the Dundee youth. During our various projects we utilise different media, such as film, music and games to support recovery. So far we have created three different mental health resources which we have linked below, as well as an app. If you would like to learn more about our last project, follow this link.

The Young Person's Guide

The updated Young Person’s Guide to Feeling Strong is a mental health self-help resource designed specifically for young people aged 13-26. Contains general mental health information, signposting to other services in Dundee and a number of self-help tips.

The Kid's Guide

The Kid’s Guide to Feeling Strong was created to help children aged 8-12 after we realised that there was a gap in resources for the younger demographic of Dundee. Similar to the Young Person’s Guide, it was designed to give children a tool to help themselves and start their journey towards recovery.

The GUardian's guide

The Guardian’s Guide to Feeling Strong was specifically designed to help guardians support their children with mental health challenges. It has helpful tips for guardians about how to talk to their children about mental health, general information and much more.

the 2020 dundee mental health survey

The 2020 Dundee Mental Health Survey was created to identify the mental health needs of Dundee’s youth. We created three different surveys: a young people’s survey, a children's survey and a guardian’s survey. Below you can find some of the key statistics we found out.

When asked whether they think there is enough mental health support for young people in Dundee, the majority of participants in all three surveys either said No or To an extent. You can see the exact responses in the graphs below.

80% of children don’t think they are familiar with local mental health organisations, the majority of young people (57.7%) only felt familiar to an extent and 63.4% of guardians also only felt familiar with local organisations to an extent.

When asked if they felt they would know how to respond if someone (in case of guardians their child) told them they were facing mental health challenges, the majority of participants said only To an extent: 52.4% of guardians, 46.7% of children and 52.1% of young people.

The top three issues that participants felt impacted youth mental health were Depression and Anxiety, Self esteem and Body image, and Social Media use for young people and guardians. Children chose Bullying, Self esteem and Body image and Social Media use.

The most common mental health challenges experienced by children and young people in Dundee are Depression and Anxiety, Self esteem issues, Stress and Mood Swings.

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